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The Swiss Army Knife for Traders

As a trader, your only mission is to make money. However, finding the best opportunities, sometimes lasting for just a few minutes, is not easy.

As a trader myself, I stay in this game for many years. I have tried technical and fundamental analysis, such as charts, news, earnings ... until I began to trade momentum stocks, holding them for hours, even minutes. For me, this is the best strategy where the real money comes in fast. After so many years, I contribute most of my success to one tool, the tool that I developed myself. Nobody else on the Wall street owns it. This is my edge, my Swiss army knife for trading, helping me to find the opportunity before all others.

In a nutshell, this tool tells me the 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes most gainers and most losers in the US stock market.

Now I show you one example how I trade with this tool.

Buy the stock that rises the most at the end of the first 5 trading minutes at 9:35 AM. Note that I need the one that rises the most in 5 minutes, not the most gained stock so far. The difference? The gain may come from the pre-market, due to press releases. The impact of news has been priced in, so you cannot make any money. However, if the stock price rises fast in the first 5 minutes, most of the time, it will keep rising. I am especially interested in stocks that rises 5% in the first 5 minutes. You can think this phenomena as one of the examples of market inefficency. With the tool I developed, you will find this opportunity BEFORE anyone else.

There are many other good strategies waiting you, the best trader, to figure it out. Hence, for the first time, I decide to share this tool to a few selective traders. This tool list the possible opportunites, and you as a trader decide your action. This tool is web-based and no software installation is required. You can try this tool for 7 days for FREE. If you subscribe now, you will be one of the first 200 traders with a promotional price for only $49 a month. This is only for the first 200 traders, and best of all, you have a price protection on this price.

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